Catalan Soccer® Skills Programme 2018

The Catalan Soccer Skills Programme is a unique and engaging programme of fun and educational achievement for the young players currently attending Catalan Soccer® coaching sessions. #Play #Learn #Collect

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The Catalan Soccer® 2018 Skills Programme is currently underway and supporting our young players in developing their ability to play a range of different positions, and integrate a broad spectrum of attacking and defensive attributes into their game. Our positional classes gives players a clear picture of what is required of them when playing in different positions and areas of the pitch. Players work through a 36-week programme of achievement collecting 'Catalan Cards' along the way that feature their favourite players!

The Catalan Skills Programme is unique, exciting and fun for all players! The collectible cards form the core of the award scheme, and players can use them to swap and compare with their friends! During all Catalan classes, coaches interactions will differ depending on each players needs. Some players will be asked to dribble more, others asked to pass or communicate more, they may even be asked to respond more positively to their own mistakes or those of others.

Which Catalan classes receive the 'Catalan Cards'?

Whether your child participates in our ABC, Niños, Super-Niños, Mini-Maestro®, or the Tactical classes for older children, they will be working through an age-appropriate version of the Catalan Skills Programme. Here at Catalan Soccer® the Skills Programme represents something truly special - an inclusive and positive coaching programme, for tots through to teens, that promotes and produces excellence at every level.

What do players receive as part of the programme?

As part of your standard membership to Catalan Soccer® Tactical, Mini-Maestro & Skills classes your child will receive Catalan Skills Cards! Players receive two cards at every single Catalan session - 1 Player Card (featuring their favourite players) & 1 Booster Card (featuring skills and power ups).

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Here you will find reems of exciting content including skills tutorials, interviews and loads of clips from our unique and vibrant coaching sessions. PS. Dont miss the ZORB football and camp footage!

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