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We pride ourselves on offering playing opportunities for everyone - we have classes that cater for all ages and abilities - from 4 years old through to 14.

Here at Catalan everyone is welcome - children don't have to be able to complete 1000 kick ups, nor do they have to be the top scorer at their Sunday club. From our Saturday ABC classes, where we help the little ones put their bibs and tie their shoe laces, to our Tuesday night Tactical classes in which we teach our Under 13 Academy players to play 1 and 2 touch triangles in the very tightest of spaces. We cater for everything in between and our doors are open to everyone...As part of our unique and exciting Skills Programme every single one of our young Catalan players receives collectable Skills Cards at every class!

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Get a feel for how we do things here at Catalan - we teach kids to play creative, attractive and entertaining football whilst keeping a smile on their faces!

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CatalanTV -  YouTube Channel

Here you will find reams of exciting content including skills tutorials, interviews and loads of clips from our unique and vibrant coaching sessions. PS. Don't miss the ZORB football and camp footage!

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Not only do we provide the very best coaching for new starters and beginners, we also specialise in performance coaching for intermediate, advanced and Academy players. There's a class for everyone at Catalan!

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Whether you'd like to sign up for a session, or just chat with one of our expert coaches regarding your child's development, we would LOVE to hear from you. There's nothing we love more than talking football...