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Catalan Soccer's Niños® Classes are simply the best classes around for tots taking their first steps in football. For both boys and girls aged 4-6, the classes are hosted term-time, Mondays Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays at Goals Soccer Centre Leeds...

Catalan Soccer ninos classes in partnership with Goals Leeds

The latest addition to the Catalan coaching programme creates opportunities for boys and girls as young as 4 years old to enter the wonderful world of Catalan through our Niños® coaching sessions! The fun and educational classes introduce young players to; basic kicking and controlling techniques, the FUNdamentals of movement and most importantly, a warm and highly social environment where they can learn from coaches and their new football friends.

Learning the 'ABCs' - What does that mean?

Between the ages 3-6, the rate of a child's physical and cognitive development is nothing short of astounding. The way in which they begin to understand and connect with the world around them undergoes a huge transformation. Through regular participation in our fun and developmental Ninos classes, the children will begin to build core movement skills called the ABC's.

A- Agility, B - Balance and C - Coordination, are the building blocks that underpin a players ability to perform in all sports. Children must get to 'know' their bodies through practice - learning how to jump, kick, twist, turn, push, pull, catch, throw, hop, bound, skip, lunge, strafe, sidestep, shuffle, sprint and run (We know....sounds easy right?).

Here at Catalan our coaches use the very best training aids and methods to accelerate the players' physical development and their ABC's. A young person that can do all of the above has a much better chance of thriving in sport, with a range of transferrable skills that will aid them in achieveing success and reaching their personal and 'genetic' potential.

HUGE rewards for our littlest people...

As part of your standard Niños® membership at Catalan Soccer®, your child will receive a HUGE 70mm Olympic size Catalan Medal to go along with a personalised certificate at the end of each term. The Niños® are awarded scores on their effort and achievement for the sessions they complete giving them something to be really proud of!

At the end of each school half-term NO CHILD leaves our coaching sessions empty handed. All inclusive for just £6.50 per session! Monday night classes represent the very best in Niños® coaching, with 6-1 UEFA Licensed teaching ratios they cost slightly more per class.

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Here you will find reems of exciting content including skills tutorials, interviews and loads of clips from our unique and vibrant coaching sessions. PS. Dont miss the ZORB football and camp footage!

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Not only do we provide the very best coaching for new starters and beginners, we also specialise in performance coaching for intermediate, advanced and Academy players. There's a class for everyone at Catalan!

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