Catalan Soccer® deliver outstanding kids coaching sessions at our Leeds  location at Goals Soccer Centre. We firmly believe in putting the best coaches with the youngest players to make the biggest difference.

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Under expert guidance and tuition, young players' football intelligence and technical ability can be programmed into them from this early age, giving them a solid foundation on which to flourish into creative and exciting individual players. The latest addition to the Catalan Soccer® coaching programme will allow players as young as 6 and 7 years old to join the coaching revolution and begin laying the foundations for the future!

We believe players in this age category should all develop a well-rounded toolbox of football skills, allowing them to defend, attack and think creatively. Producing flexible players with fluent game skills is our Number 1 priority at the Mini-Maestro® sessions.

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The Catalan Soccer "Mini-Maestro®" classes provide our students with the best coaches, the best equipment, the best age-appropriate training syllabus, all taking place in the best football facilities in the city. There is no better stage for thoughtful and intelligent young players, and for those wanting to get off to the best possible start in football, the Catalan Soccer "Mini-Maestro®" sessions are truly the place to be.

To find out more or to book your place at our Wednesday or Saturday "Mini-Maestro®"  classes simply  fill in the required information via our booking form .

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Here you will find reems of exciting content including skills tutorials, interviews and loads of clips from our unique and vibrant coaching sessions. PS. Dont miss the ZORB football and camp footage!

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Not only do we provide the very best coaching for new starters and beginners, we also specialise in performance coaching for intermediate, advanced and Academy players. There's a class for everyone at Catalan!

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Whether you'd like to sign up for a session, or just chat with one of our expert coaches regarding your child's development, we would LOVE to hear from you. There's nothing we love more than talking football...