Catalan Messi-Mondays™

Catalan Soccer® proudly presents our groundbreaking Dribbling & Finishing Masterclass for young players aged 7-10. Learn how to play like the world's greatest...there's a Mini Messi™ inside all of us!

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Catalan Soccer proudly presents our Messi-Monday coaching sessions. We don't need to say much more about the launch of the highly prestigious and speciliased class, they are exactly what they say on the tin! Learn the secrets of La Masia, where Messi harnessed his dribbling and finishing prowess. Catalan Soccer® research of the FCB Academy methods culminates in this exciting and unique football class.

With exclusive class sizes and our 6-1 teaching ratios, the class is inkeeping with our ongoing quest for excellence in the coaching of young players. Messi-Mondays™ offers a truly unique experience in which every child can put on the #10 and actualise their dreams of becoming their hero.

Take on the World - Dribble, Score, Create!

As part of the unique classes we will support our players in becoming dynamite dribblers, and ferocious finishers. Players are guaranteed a minimum of 400 touches of the ball per session, the majority of which will see the players moving goalward with an abundance of defenders to 'skill out' before they beat the keeper...

The Catalan Soccer® Messi-Monday™ sessions set the scene for kids to recreate some of Lio Messi's best ever inidividual moves and goals. Whether it be the La Liga winner vs Atletico from season 2014/2015, or the 60 yard dribble vs Real Madrid in which he went past 5 players and scored, our own Mini-Messi's can put themselves in the little mans shoes and relive some of his greatest moments!

Always Dress to Impress...

There is a strict "Messi dress code" at our Monday night classes. Only Messi Barca and Argentina shirts may be worn for our tribute class, but if you don't have a Mini-Messi™ kit then don't despair! Every player is furnished with a #10 Messi bib when taking part in the session. What better way to play like Messi, than to look like Messi!

The great thing about Messi-Mondays™ is that not only do we teach our players to dribble, finish and even celebrate like Messi, but we also put a huge emphasis on the humility, respect and sporting manner that our hero demonstrates when taking to the field. You won't see any provocative celebrations aimed at the fans (unlike CR7!), and you won't see any of the players rub the keepers nose in it when the ball gets lifted or scooped into the back of the net.

The best there is, and ever has been. The best there ever will be. #messi #messi #messi

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Here you will find reems of exciting content including skills tutorials, interviews and loads of clips from our unique and vibrant coaching sessions. PS. Dont miss the ZORB football and camp footage!

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ProTurf® @ Goals Leeds

Come and play on the BEST pitches in the country! Goals Leeds is the countries largest 5-a-side centre and sports the finest pitches money can by. The ProTurf and LED floodlights give a real vibrancy to our Catalan Soccer camps. The shockpads beneath the striped turf give extra bounce and protection.

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