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Character, Confidence, Commitment. These are the 3 pillars on which we build our teaching philosophy. Young players that come through the door at Catalan Soccer. We invest time, energy and passion into helping every child achieve personal excellence and success in becoming a better person, and a better player. If you are unable to find what you're looking for through on Insight pages, please contact us using one of the above!

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odd socks


Our innovative odd-sock training methods help young players develop their passing, receiving and striking ability on both their left & right foot...

catalan academy article

Academy football?

In this article we look at the benefits and shortfalls of Academy football. Here we consider how joining too early, or too late can impact young players development.

catalan systems formations

systems of play

A fantastic guide for grassroots coaches and managers, with an overview of the different playing systems of 5v5, 7v7 and 9v9. We analyse strengths and weakness of the various formations.

catalan about us

why catalan?

In this article we explain the inspiration behind the football school and our underpinning philosophy. Learn why we are more than a school...

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managing difference & selection

"Making sure we get the right player, in the right class..."

catalan managing difference

In the same way that a school will put students into the different 'sets' for the various academic subjects , Catalan Soccer® frequently assess the individual needs of its players and group them accordingley. As part of our session planning and preparation, our professional coaching team regularly assess each child across a range of attributes and skills, and ensure they are training with like-for-like players that will compliment their development making for a fair and even playing field.

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