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Catalan Soccer®offer private tuition for players of all ages and abilities. Our innovative and unique 1-1 Catalan coaching methods guarantee to bring the best out of every child that takes part in our classes. Teaching of unprecedented quality and an equipment repertoire to match - the pinnacle of youth football coaching

CatalanPRO Personal training

CatalanPRO® private sessions are tailored around the personal needs of each child ensuring they get maximum benefit from their practice time. Our personal training sessions are perfect for players that may want to extend and accelerate their already advanced skills, alternatively they can also offer less confident players a much needed confidence boost - on both fronts, being the only player in the class, they are guaranteed to be the star of the show!

Why choose CatalanPRO® - What makes it different?

When it comes to CatalanPRO® there is no expense spared. Players have access to the very latest in football training equipment and athletic development tools. We enhance and innovate our coaching sessions through the use of a variety of specialist equipment - including QuickFeet hexagons, SlowMotion video capture, speed & power harnesses, Pro-Rebounders, weighted footballs, proprioception spots, agility ladders, coordination hoops, spring boards, stability cushions and much more...

All CatalanPRO® classes are delivered by highly experienced UEFA Licensed coaches, all of which are members of the Catalan Soccer® full-time professional coaching team. Players in our classes  benefit from the coaching teams' 1000's of hours of coaching experience and see big improvements in a very short space of time. We would suggest to those Academy parents out there that for the same amount of money spent on fuel getting to and from your local Academy several times a week, your child could benefit from our UEFA Licensed Catalan coaches delivering personal and bespoke technical sessions centred solely around their own needs.

Who are the sessions for - Is my child the right age and ability?

We welcome a variety of age and abilities into the CatalanPRO® private classes - including beginners, advanced players, and academy scholars. The classes represent the perfect training supplement to give players the time, attention and specialist input they need, a level of support often unavailable to them at school, grassroots clubs and over-populated Academy training sessions. All classes are bespoke and therefore suitable for players ages 5+.

CatalanPRO® Beginner - For those players perhaps struggling to keep up in their weekly football activities, there is no better way to help them catch up than engage in regular personal training that meets all their development needs. Players leave the sessions feeling empowered, galvanised and more confident about their football and themselves.

CatalanPRO® Intermediate - The perfect session for players that may fall between the beginner and advanced categories. In these engaging and motivational classes we aim to help the kids make the jump from being good players, to being great players.

CatalanPRO® Advanced - The pinnacle of razor-sharp athletic development and deadly-accurate technical precision. Players will be pushed to the very limit of their skills and be required to meet the very highest demands of speed and control across a range of skill sets. Achieve your peak performance in our flagship classes where players aim to 'Be the Best'.

For more information on the CatalanPRO® Private Sessions and please click here to fill in our online form. Should you wish to get more information and discuss suitability for your child please contact us.

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