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Catalan Soccer have partnered up with Football Pool UK to bring you this fantastic fusion between football and pool played on giant tables! Play Football Pool in Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield and Nationwide with the countries only No.1 provider.

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Catalan Soccer in partnership with Football Pool UK can guarantee a truly memorable event - one that will be creating quite a buzz on social media - making your birthday, wedding, corporate event or kids party the talk of the town! Footpool is the ultimate leveller, anyone can play! All you have to do is bring you shooting boots, step up onto our prestige Football Pool table and break off!

All football pool hire quotations are offered under no obligation, and represent the very best football pool packages available. In order to get a quote please contact Catalan Soccer  via the contact form at the bottom of the page. To help us give you an accurate quote, please ensure we are provided with the following information:

- Number of tables required and the nature of the event
- Duration of Booking (EG. day hire or longer lease period)
- Desired Dates & Timeslots (Midweek/Weekend)
- Any other requirements

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Our cutting-edge football pool tables offer a fantastic fusion between football and pool, two of the nations favourite games. Football pool is colourful, fun, vibrant and accessible for all. Kids, youth's and adults alike can all 'step up' onto our tables and try their pot luck. Each rental comes with a game-guide packed full of ideas and fun adaptations to ensure every football pool event puts smiles on faces, and gets bums on seats! We do everything from 24-hour table hire to 3, 6 and 12 month longer term leasing. Why not make use of our in-house design service to draw up the perfect flyers or marketing material to help market your event?

Contact us today to discuss day rates for table hire, and the options for customisation to add your companies logo's to the felt or just for that personal touch. Simply call us on +44(0)7814 235702 and we will give you a price that doesn't give you that sinking feeling...

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Here you will find reems of exciting content including skills tutorials, interviews and loads of clips from our unique and vibrant coaching sessions. PS. Dont miss the ZORB football and camp footage!

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Love Football? Love playing Pool? Catalan Soccer are excited to bring you FOOTBALL POOL! The fresh and funky fusion of football and pool, played on huge tables where players must use their feet to kick the white and pot the balls...#footballpool

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Whether you'd like to sign up for a session, or just chat with one of our expert coaches regarding your child's development, we would LOVE to hear from you. There's nothing we love more than talking football...