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Before joining Catalan Soccer® you will need to read, and agree to, our membership terms. There are many categories including; child welfare, refund policy, digital and paper marketing rights, and your own rights as a parent or guardian.

Terms of Catalan Soccer® Player Membership:

1. USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA (FACEBOOK/TWITTER/OTHER): Catalan Soccer® will only accept positive use of its social media pages including Twitter and Facebook. These pages are not to be used for grievances or complaint procedures. Catalan Soccer® reserve the right to remove any derogatory comments aimed at Catalan Soccer, its partners, customers or children participating in the programme. Our social media pages are a celebration of youth football and the nature of their content must reflect this positive intent. Also, it is acceptable to take videos and footage of your own children whilst training at Catalan, however, any content that contains other children should not be published in the public domain - including social media platforms.

1B. UNIFORM AND APPROPRIATE TRAINING WEAR: Players attending Catalan Soccer® football classes are required to wear suitable footwear (moulded studs or astroturf trainers), shin guards, and have an appropriate amount of fluids to keep them hydrated. Where available, new players will be required to purchase a Catalan Soccer training kit to wear to their sessions. Kits are available in all sizes and come with a shirt, short and red/yellow sock package. Players that do not have appropriate footwear, and more importantly shin guards, may not be allowed to participate in parts or all of the coaching sessions.

2. GRIEVANCE AND COMPLAINTS PROCEDURES: During your time with Catalan Soccer® there may be circumstances or issues that concern you which you would like to discuss. Any parent/child who is dissatisfied with any aspect of their experience with Catalan Soccer® can voice their concerns:
• By arranging a parents meeting with the Catalan Soccer® coaching team.
• By initiating contact via email or telephone.
We encourage openness and invite all parents to come and speak to us in private if you feel there is something that you would like to discuss. All conversations will be confidential and issues arising will be kept private. Please never engage in open criticism of coaching staff or session content with other parents next to the pitch during sessions or games, this may result in further steps been taken including termination of  your child's membership.
Catalan Soccer® reserve the right to discontinue memberships without a notice period where we feel communication from members has been, in our opinion, aggressive, insulting, publicly damaging and/or abusive to the football schools coaches, members or partner agencies. Catalan Soccer also reserve the right to revoke or discontinue memberships should there be any instances of alcohol or substance misuse. If in the opinion of Catalan Soccer any parent, spectator or family member appear to be intoxicated or under the influence we reserve the right to cancel membership with immediate affect with remaining session fees for future classes being refunded.


Should Catalan Soccer terminate a parents membership solely due a breach of the above this would subsequently disqualify them from attending future classes. In this situation we are legally required to refund any and all remaining session fees into a nominated bank account. Parents that paid memberships by cash or card will also be entitled to a like for like refund by the same method for the remaining sessions of the block.

Important - Terminated memberships do not qualify for a refund for the sessions that have already been attended during the current membership period.

3. GROUP SELECTION & PLAYER CATEGORISATION: NO player will have a set position in training sessions, or FC Catalan matches and will be expected to learn the various traits and attributes that are integral to playing through all the thirds of the pitch. As part of the boys’ holistic development they will be required to learn to deal with the different technical and tactical demands of defensive, midfield and attacking play. At the ages 8, 9 and 10 many players will have started to gravitate to playing certain positions. We hear players say ‘I’m a defender’ or ‘I’m a striker’. The reality is that young players are still ‘rough diamonds’ that can be shaped and polished into a multitude of positions. Take Gareth Bale for example. Interviewed five years ago he may have said ‘I’m a left back’, interview him now and he might just tell you that he is a world class attacking midfielder or forward. Player positions – players will be required to: • Play everywhere and anywhere - learning the game through a different lens.
• Apply themselves to the roles and responsibilities of those positions; be flexible and positive in changing positions during the game.
• Not worry about making mistakes & focus on improvement. Parents should appreciate the richness of learning outcomes that can only be achieved by operating in different parts of the pitch.
1st/Defensive Third: Timing tackles, covering, predicting, intercepting, reading and anticipating the game in front of them, stepping into advance areas to win the ball, blocking runs, agitating and spoiling opponent's movements, marking and blocking shots.
2nd/Midfield Third: Receiving & turning, scanning & panoramic awareness, distribution techniques, protecting a defence, supporting a striker, linking defence to attack, late runs forward, playing/moving between opponents, varied passes, pivot play, dictating play, game management.
Final/Attacking Third: Losing man markers, finishing, link-up play, back to goal receiving. Shielding, holding up the ball for midfielders, short quick movements, feints, disguise, high pressing, denying passes into midfield, screening, covering, forcing play across or back down the pitch.

4. MATCH DAY ARRANGEMENTS (FC CATALAN PLAYERS): All home games will take place at Leeds Trinity University or Gledhow Primary School, Horsforth LS18 5HD or Gledhow LS8 1PL respectively, on Sunday mornings at 10.00am, 12.00 or 14.00pm. Away game kick off times vary from team to team. The away team’s post code and address will be given out so parents wishing to go straight to the ground can do. There will be no weekly match day subs payable. We would like volunteers to run a stand with teas and coffees to raise funds to take the boys out on a couple of fun days throughout the season. We will assume all players are to attend the matches. So please inform us of any player who will be absent at the earliest opportunity

5. DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURES (WARNINGS/CAUTIONS/DISMISSALS): To ensure players behave in a responsible sporting manner they will be accountable for their actions in relation to a three tier discipline structure. Stage 1 – Verbal Warnings Minor transgressions will be dealt with by verbal warnings with the child’s parent/guardian in attendance. These warnings will be recorded and used to identify Persistent Offending at Stage One, which will lead on to a Stage Two warning been issued.

Stage 1 - Verbal Warnings may be issued for the following: • (Persistent) silliness or disregard for the contributions of coaches or teammates. • Adverse reactions to substitutions, defensive responsibilities and team selection. • Negativity, criticism or excessive frustration showed to teammates in games. • Repeated selfishness and refusing to pass/share the ball at the right time, resulting in the team unnecessarily losing possession.* *The boys at FC Catalan Soccer® will be playing a ‘system’. It is a team-orientated, collective and possession based approach to the game which depends entirely on the players trusting one another to do the right thing at the right time. Trust between young people is a fragile thing, should they feel ignored, neglected, excluded or discriminated against if not been passed the ball – they will revert to ‘looking after themselves’ and the entire philosophy comes crashing down. We have to ensure that every player in our squad is playing for the team and not for themselves. We want and need players that can dribble, shoot and take people on – it's an important part of the game and young players’ skill sets. Players that repeatedly dribble, and /or shoot from unrealistic and selfish positions, in defiance of wanting to share the ball and pass to players in better positions run the risk of been isolated and losing the trust of their teammates. These behaviours can be infectious and trigger other players in the team to think “well he doesn’t pass to me, so im not passing to him”. Therefore, the actions or selfishness of one player can poison the mentality of the group. It is our job as coaches to develop the boys understanding of how, where and when to pass. If we feel it is a technical issue or one of understanding, we will do our job and coach the player to make better decisions. However, we feel it is pertinent to deal with players that ‘won’t’ pass in a different manner. This becomes a mentality issue and one that if left unchallenged can be of detriment to the team and individuals.

Stage 2 – Written Warnings: This carries a written warning and may if deemed necessary lead to a suspension of the offending player. Suspensions can be issued for periods of 1-3 games including cup competitions. • Disrespect to coaches, players, match officials or spectators. • Endangering themselves or others. • Any undesirable behaviour.

Stage 3 – Suspensions/Expulsions: Major incidents such as • Stealing • Fighting • Bullying (verbal or physical) • Insulting, offensive, abusive or threatening language/behaviour May carry the penalty of deregistration for the offending player(s). Catalan Soccer® reserve the right to cancel membership with immediate effect should any child be guilty of the above.

6. TOUCHLINE BEHAVIOUR: (Parents & Carers) • Remain outside the field of play. • Never engage in, or tolerate, offensive, insulting or abusive language or behaviour. • Always respect the players’ right to be wrong and make mistakes. • Trust the coaching team to manage mistakes to the players/groups’ advantage (intervention, pep-talk, allow opportunities for self-correction). • Applaud effort, sportsmanship and good play as well as success. • Refrain from discussing the individual strengths and weaknesses of players. • Respect the positive and child-centred environment we aim to create at our sessions. In addition, when attending Catalan Soccer® training sessions I will: • Remember that children play for FUN. • Let the coaches do their job and not confuse the players by telling them what to do. • Encourage the players to respect the opposition and match officials. • Never criticise a player for making a mistake - mistakes are part of learning. • Remain positive throughout. • Try not to ‘build up’ the match in your car on the way to the session/game – this can build anticipation anxiety in young people and hinder their ability to relax and remain composed during play. Winning is important – especially to children. They naturally have a competitive spirit and don’t like to lose. As parents and coaches the things we say and our own attitude toward winning/development imprints directly on to the kids and shapes their behaviour. At the FC Barcelona Academy parents and coaches are not allowed to ask ‘Did you win?’, they will always ask ‘How did you play?’. The latter can trigger reflection and learning in young players, they are more likely to think in depth about what happened in the game, what their input was, and more likely to stimulate growth and change. If young players are focused solely on the result, it can manifest itself into a pass/fail scenario. When the result is a loss or ‘fail’ they may feel that they or the team had a bad game when they may have met all of their learning outcomes/targets set by the coaches. Success comes in many forms in sport, we consider winning to be the individual and group surpassing their personal best. If the boys have 95% possession and 15 shots on target, 18 corners, 6 goal line clearances, but lose the game 1-0 to a fluky goal – we will praise our players and tell them they’ve been successful in ‘how’ they have played.

7. PAYMENTS, BOOKINGS & ABSENCES: New registrations will be required to make a BACS transfer or cash payment for the forthcoming block to guarantee their child’s place. Members that fail to forward payment before the renewal deadline accept that their place will be offered to players on the official waiting list. Catalan Soccer®  do not sell places at individual sessions and require block bookings with payment in advance. Due to high demand, small class sizes and huge facility/staffing/operational costs sessions that are 'not attended' will not be refunded, or credited to any future bookings.

Should your child be absent from sessions due to a medium/long term injury please contact a member of the coaching team by email to discuss. Should you be unable to attend your Catalan Coaching session please notify us ASAP so that we can adapt and change our session plans accordingly. We invest a huge amount of time into planning and preparation and every detail of every exercise is tailored specifically to group size and the players taking part.

When players are AWOL from sessions this affects our practical delivery and is unfair on the players and parents that are then participating in an adapted/improvised session. Our professional coaching team have the ability to seamlessly deliver to any group size, of any age/ability, however knowing the group size in advance helps to really maximise the impact and learning focus of our sessions. Catalan Soccer® reserve the right to retain membership fees for sessions that you choose not to, or are unable to attend due in line with our block booking membership structure. We are open to discussing catch-up sessions - these will be subject to availability and must be, where offered, redeemed before the end of the respective block of which the original absence occurred. Missed sessions cannot be carried over to another block of classes. Catalan Soccer cannot be held liable for injuries that happen to its players away from Catalan classes, and therefore we are not guaranteed to offer refunds or credits for short or long term injuries. Catch up classes may be available subject to availability, however membership fees for future classes will always remain payable in full.

7B. ADVERSE WEATHER & SESSION CANCELLATIONS: Sessions will continue to operate through periods of adverse weather. Catalan Soccer cannot be held responsible for travel complications and delays due to conditions. Although we will try our best to provide catch-up sessions to players that have missed classes, we will not refund/credit/rollover or deduct sessions fees from the current or future block bookings.  Where the facility is able to clear pitches and guarantee playability, we are obligated to honour the payments for our block booked pitches. We are therefore unable to refund customers for their coaching sessions, when the pitches are playable and therefore payable.

8. PHOTOGRAPHS & VIDEO: Catalan Soccer®  will periodically have live photo shoots during sessions and may use the images/video recorded for and our social media. Images posted will adhere to FA Safeguarding guidelines and will not be tagged with any personal information, and will never identify children by their first and second name. Please contact us at if you would like to opt-out of our celebration of images and video. If you do not agree to any of the terms listed in the above membership terms please notify us as quickly as possible, by email, otherwise it will be deemed that you have granted permission for the images to be used.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Coaching Team
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