the four pillars

"we mentor, motivate, engage & inspire"

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MENTOR. Young players are inquisitive and have a natural curiosity. They seek knowledge through their own experimentation and also by asking questions. Catalan coaches are always willing to listen, respond with appropriate advice and present players with challenges to improve their problem solving skills. A skilled mentor will know how and when to push the player out of their comfort zone, but also have pre-calculated any adverse response to the training should they find things too difficult. They will also know when to give players an easier coaching session to build confidence where it has been lost.

In every one of our coaching classes we ensure that players feel that we are on the journey with them. By virtue of our 6-1 teaching ratios and small class sizes we are able to give fulfil the mentor role offering an abundance of support. Catalan coaches consider themselves to be role models for their students, understanding that before you can ask anyone to behave a certain way, or give a desired level of commitment, you must be able to demonstrate these qualities yourself. Let us assure you, there's nothing more rewarding for a youth coach when you a young player asks - "When I get older, if I can't be a professional player can I be a Catalan coach?"...hence our new Catalan Mini-Managers™ training scheme!

MOTIVATE. Every child is different when it comes to the energy and concentration they put into their training sessions. Within the same group you may have plodders, go-getters, and slow starters. Whilst each child's personality is undoubtedly a key factor, the coach must be mindful that the learning environment and motivational climate that they create, also has a large part to play. To manage player motivation effectively, the court must observe individual players and inspire them with the right words, at the right time. It is important that the cultures communication is rational, sensitive and age-appropriate.

A Catalan coach is always making judgements educated guesses as to when to address things for the player, and when they just need some breathing room. Don't be surprised to see a Catalan coach revisit an error that occurred 15 minutes ago. Sometimes it is better to let a child come to terms with something that has gone wrong for them, and go back to them later when they are likely to be more receptive having had time to settle down and reflect. And over emphasis on winning and performance can manifest itself into over assertive, intimidating and sometimes aggressive behaviours in young players. The court must be mindful of the conduct and make sure that all attempts to motivate the players are constructive. Motivating players and people in general, is an art that involves much more than just shouting loudly!

As part of our coaching philosophy we have a wide range of motivational techniques that we employ in our sessions.

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ENGAGE & INSPIRE. Lots of young players desire the chance to play football with their friends with the aim of just having fun. Children often define their experience of football as 'having a match', and testing themselves against others. It is the coach's responsibility to manege these expectations. Catalan coaches always provide valuable learning outcomes by connecting with the players and delivering sessions that satisfy their appetite for game based competition. Catalan Soccer's coaches provide engaging and varied classes that cater for all players including; skill related practices, individual ball work, competitive games to learn about winning and losing. Underpinning all of the fun games, high-tempo skills circuits and competitive games, there is always a specific learning focus with group and individual outcomes in mind.

Our Catalan coaches' infectious enthusiasm for teaching the game resonates in the players desire to learn. We believe that the best way to get kids interested in something, is to be interested in it yourself! Interactive briefings and reviews form an integral part of our Catalan coaching sessions. Players are encouraged to ask and answer questions to further develop their understanding of the game, and most importantly, give and receive feedback to one another to inspire teamwork.

We will leave you with one of our favourite Catalan quotes - it often hits the spot for young players wrestling with a difficult task. "Im not telling you it's going to be easy, im telling you its going to be worth it. Keep going young Catalan!"

Why not come and see for yourself? Anyone who loves football is free to come down and watch!

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