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managing difference & selection

"Making sure we get the right player, in the right class..."

catalan managing difference

In the same way that a school will put students into the different 'sets' for the various academic subjects , Catalan Soccer® frequently assess the individual needs of its players and group them accordingley. As part of our session planning and preparation, our professional coaching team regularly assess each child across a range of attributes and skills, and ensure they are training with like-for-like players that will compliment their development making for a fair and even playing field.

What if my child is struggling to keep up or striving ahead?

The vast choice and variety of classes here at Catalan means that should any player find themselves struggling or striving in a group, there are a number of alternative classes that help us to ensure we can place them in an alternative session that gives them either the support or challenge they need. Our unprecedented class sizes and 6-1 teaching ratios allow us to give time, attention and support to players when they need it most.

In addition, across Catalan's weekly schedule of Tactical, Niños® and Mini-Maestro® classes,there are 2 groups running in parallel at any given time, catering for the upper and lower spectrums within each ability tier. For example, our Friday night Tactical class currently caters for a total number of 48 students. 24 players attend the 6-7pm timeslot and the remaining 24 players attend 7-8pm. The 24 players attending each time slot are split down into 2 simeltaneous groups of 12. Both of which are split down even further into two groups of 6. Class sizes and teaching ratios that any private school would be pleased to shout about!

We pride ourselves on delivering what we believe to be the most rewarding, personal and enjoyable coaching sessions in the UK. Based in Leeds, we have players travelling from as far as Middlesborough, Manchester, Huddersfield and even Hull to attend our pioneering coaching sessions!


Through our weekly training sessions, private 1-1 coaching and Catalan school holiday camps, we ensure that all players are treated equal, with the highest standards of respect, care and attention. Our mission is to invest the time, care and expertise of our professional coaches across each and every child in the coaching programme, making sure that no one is forgotten or left to 'get on with it'.

At the time of booking Catalan Soccer® will aim to capture as much information as possible about new players wishing to join. Expect to be asked for more information such as your child's; favoured foot, playing experience, positional preference, interpersonal skills and where else he plays his football. This helps us to build a detailed player 'profile' and make an informed recommendation as to which Catalan class they are likely to enjoy the most! This is the basis of our careful and child-centred selection policy.

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